Jet Ski 20 min + Can-Am Ryker Tour 1h 30min

deposit: 300 €
*minimum two people

from 82€ 120€ per persone


1h 50 min

icon second user included

From 2 people

guided tour

Guided tour with instructor

Accesorios included

helmet included


Requires driving license

GoPro optional

GoPro optional

Choose the time

1h 30min

Guided tour with instructor

Guided tour with instructor

Ryker tour

Requires driving license

optional companion

Acompañante (20€ extra)

helmet included

helmet included

GoPro video record service

Video GoPro Optional

The activity includes

  • Introduction or briefing so that we teach you how to drive the vehicle well
  • Experience Ryker motorcycle tour 1h 30′ + Jet Ski 20′.
  • We will always try to complete the established route in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. On some occasions, if this is not possible depending on the speed of the participants and traffic conditions, the route will be adapted within the estimated time.
  • Driving can be exchanged during the journey as long as both are of age and have a driver’s license.
  • Instructorto act as a guide and guarantee your safety.
  • Necessary equipment.

What you need to know

  • To drive the Can-Am Ryker, you need a 4-year-old driver’s license and be over 24 years of age. To drive the jet ski, it is not necessary to have a license.
  • The route is guided and it is very important at all times to follow the guide’s instructions.
  • Cannot exceed the 70/80 km/h. With the Ryker.
  • At the beginning of the activity, there will be a practical introduction of the vehicle. Too easy! but in the event that the participant shows clear difficulties in driving correctly, the possibility of modifying or canceling the tour will be assessed.
  • It will be mandatory to give €200 deposit for each Ryker and 100€ deposit for each jet ski, the same day of the activity. It can be paid in cash or by card and will be returned in the same way once the service is finished.
  • All participants must show their ID card (passport, driver license…)
  • The activity can be postponed or canceled because of weather conditions.
  • To make the reservation, only the payment of € 20 will be made and the rest of the amount will be paid on the day of the activity.
  • For changes or modifications, you must notify 48 hours in advance. Brutal Barcelona reserves the right to not return the amount paid for the online booking but It can be used in another service.

This is Brutal!

Can-Am Ryker Tour Barcelona Itinerary

Do you like motorcycles, sports cars and all kinds of motorized vehicles? It’s time for you to meet the Can-Am Ryker, BRP’s exclusive 3-wheel recreational motorcycles perfect for touring the streets of Barcelona.

Take advantage of the opportunity to drive a unique vehicle in its modality and what better way than to do it with this guided tour. Barcelona has everything to enjoy a complete route. It has sea, mountains, nature, architecture and emblematic places that you cannot miss.

The experience will begin at the Port Fòrum with a driving practice to familiarize you with the vehicle. In a matter of minutes you will end up dominating the vehicle and you will be an expert on 3 wheels.

Once you are ready, the monitor will give the signal that the route is about to start. We will pass through the city center and visit important places such as Casa Batlló, Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell. You will instantly realize that you will be driving a vehicle with unlikely characteristics since you will be the center of attention of the entire city. The impressive design of the Can-Am together with the noise of the engine will attract all eyes on each of the streets where we will pass.

During the Montjuïc section, you will find more fluid traffic and enjoy a more entertaining driving experience while being accompanied by beautiful mountain views. You will be able to see Barcelona from the heights!

Up to 2 people can go on each motorcycle. Enjoy the experience with whoever you want! This is the only Can-Am guided tour that exists in Barcelona and you have the chance to drive one of the most impressive and striking recreational motorcycles on the market.

Don’t think about it anymore, go ahead and explore every corner of Barcelona with a Can-Am Ryker. Do it alone or accompanied and record your adventure on a GoPro camera.
BOOK now and let the adventure begin!

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