Are you one of those who share you have the best time? If so, you are in the perfect place. Gather your family or friends and organize a perfect plan to have a great time together with these packs. The best activities to do as a group and share moments of laughter and excitement!

Funny Pack

Jet Ski 20 min + Banana Boat 15 min

55€ /person

Adrenaline Pack

Jet ski 20 min + Parasailing 15 min

99€ /person

Jet Pack

Jet Ski 20 min + Jetboat 15 min

69€ /person

Element Pack

Jet Ski 20 min + Can-Am Ryker Tour 1h 30min

82€ /person

Friendly Pack

Jetboat 15 min + Banana Boat 15 min

59€ /person

Emotion Pack

Jetboat 15min + Parasailing 15 min

95€ /person

Full Views Pack

Parasailing 15 min + Can-Am Ryker Barcelona Tour 1h 30min

120€ /person

Super Pack

Jet Ski 20min + Parasailing 15 min + Jetboat 15 min

140€ /person