Organize your company event in a Water Sports.

At Brutal Barcelona you will find different services from rooms adapted to your needs, unique activities for the team to a tasty catering service.

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1. Exclusive Facilities and Spaces

We believe that hard work is the key to any successful business. That’s why our rooms are meticulously designed to boost productivity and focus in every session. In which you can take classes, coaching, training, among others adapted to your needs.

Forget the usual distractions and welcome a calm and stimulating environment, where every detail is designed to maximise your team’s performance.

  • Ordenadores
  • Proyectores
  • Pizarras
  • Mesas de escritorio
  • 80 m2

Room “InnoLab”


Equipped with computers, projector and blackboard. Break down traditional barriers and let your projects come to life in this haven of infinite possibilities.

Room “EpiCenter”


With an impressive long table that invites you to connect, this room becomes the focal point of your crucial discussions. The whiteboards and projector give you the tools you need to chart your course to success.

Room “FlexiWave”


This 80m² space is divided into two different rooms according to your needs, each equipped with individual tables for a personalised approach, pizzara and projector. Versatility is the essence of this room, where you can opt for group sessions or individual immersions.

2. Water Activities for your Team

Why settle for the conventional when you can give your team an extra edge?

In Brutal fun-filled, action-packed aquatic experiences await you.. From thrilling rides on jet skis to flying over Barcelona’s coastline, our activities are designed to release adrenaline and give you moments of unrivalled fun.

Enjoy with your team, release tension and create unforgettable exciting memories.

  • hBriefing
  • Equipamiento incluido
  • Instructores expertos
  • Seguro de responsabilidad civil

Option 1- One Activity


Option 2-Pack of 2 Activities

Option 3-Pack of 3 Activities


3. Catering Service

After immersing yourself in exciting water activities, it’s time to recharge your batteries with a great culinary experience. Our exceptional catering service invites you to indulge in an exquisite selection of dishes made with fresh ingredients and flavours that will enrich your palate.

  • Catering al aire libre
  • Estaciones de bebidas frescas
  • Coffe breaks
  • Variedad de opciones gastronómicas

Flavours that Inspire

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