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About Reservations

Is it necessary to book on the web?
It is not mandatory to book online but it is highly recommended because availability is limited, you ensure your experience and you also have best prices. So if you don’t want to queue or be disappointed by not being able to do the activity, book in advance!

* Promotions are mandatory to make a reservation through the website.

Do I have to pay to make the reservation?

For any online reservation it is mandatory to make a 20€ card payment. The rest of the amount will be paid on the day of the activity in cash or by card.

* Promotions are mandatory to make a reservation through the website.

How can I cancel or modify the reservation?

For any modification or cancellation of the reservation, you must notify us by contacting us 48 hours in advance of the reserved time.

In the event that it can be canceled, the amount paid on the web will not be returned, but will be saved to be used in another activity for the future.

Is the money returned?

As a general rule, the money paid in an online reservation it is not returned under any circumstances. In case of cancellations, this amount can be saved for a future activity.

Brutal reserves the right to make the return in exceptional and justified cases.

What happens if I am late or do not show up for a reservation?

Punctuality is essential and if a client arrives late or does not show up, the reservation will be lost and the amount paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

About Activities

Do you need a license to enjoy the activities?

You do not needany type of card or license to enjoy the activities.

* Those services that require a special license will show specifically the text “licensed”

Do I need to have brought a jet ski before?

Absolutely not! For most it is their first time. You can sign up for any of our activities even if you don’t have experience.

Can a companion go on the jet ski?

All motorcycles have two seats and a companion older than 7 years can go without additional cost.

IF the companion is over 16 years old, you can exchange during the journey.

What is the minimum age to ride a jet ski?

Justover 16 years old they can drive a jet ski. The companions must be older than 7 years.

Can I bring my camera and take my photos?

Although on some tours we will take photos of you, you can bring your own camera or GoPro. Brutal is exempt from liability in case of loss, breakage or theft.

What do I need to bring?

-Identity card
-Reserve confirmation
-Towel and swimsuit (recommended)

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