Can-Am Ryker Tours

Feel the emotion of driving a different vehicle that allows you to feel the wind and its sensation of freedom in which you and the landscape are united. At the same time, you have in your hands the power of a machine that gives you control, safety, and power. Choose your experience!

Can-Am Ryker Barcelona Tour

Explore the nooks and crannies of the city on 3 wheels and experience it as you have never done it before.

From 120€ / 1hr 30min

Can-Am Ryker Coast Tour + Breakfast

Escape from the city and ride by the sea, ending with a delicious breakfast.

From 169€ / 2h 30min

Can-Am Ryker Tour
Happy Hour Promotion

Your chance to discover the Can-Am Ryker! Delicious chicken wings included.

From 49€ 110€ / 60 minutes


Here you will find all the answers to the Can-Am tours. in our center. Brutal Barcelona has several motorized extreme sports that will make your summer brutally fun. All of these activities. will have a monitor who will guide you throughout the activity. You can rest assured that we have all the necessary security measures to guarantee a 100% safe experience.

About the activities

Is the Can-Am safe?

As long as the monitors’ indications and traffic signs are respected, any activity related to the Can-Am is totally safe.

Do I need a driving license?

It is necessary to have a driving license. Either a car driving license that has 4 years after being issued or a motorcycle license.

If I have reduced mobility, can I do water sports?

As long as the given conditions are extremely safe, both for you and for the monitor.

What clothing should I wear for the tours?

We recommend that you always bring long pants, as well as a jacket or long-sleeved top, as long as the weather allows it.

About bookings

Where is our WaterSports located?

We are in Port Forum of Barcelona. You can access by car Moll de les Escaldes s/n. By subway with line L4, stop Port Forum / Maresme. Inside the port you can park (the cost of it is managed by Port Forum).

What time and day can I go on a tour?

You can come to Emotion Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm, including bank holidays. However, booking in advance is advised.

How can I book an activity?

To reserve your spot, you have to enter the Can-Am Ryker Tours section in our website. and select the tour of your choice. You will find a calendar with different timetables. Once selected, you will proceed to fill in your data and pay the 20 euro reservation (card), which will be deducted from the total amount of the activity to be carried out. You will receive an email with confirmation of the reservation. Do not lose it, they will ask you for it on the day of the activity.

How and where can I pay for the rest of the activity?

The day of the excursion you will go to the booth where our companions will ask you for the reservation code. Right there you can pay with cash or credit card the rest pending of the chosen activity.